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Springville Road Race 10.3.10

This was a busy weekend of cycling. Yesterday we rode with the Western New York Wellness Group to support the cause of cancer and today Braeger, Shannon along with myself attempted our first road race in Springville, NY. The weather was absolutely horrible! I have never ridden in weather like this – it was raining, cold and windy. My clothes kept me warm for about the first 5 minutes and after that I was water logged for the entire race. My feet felt like they were pulling 100 pound weights and were frozen to the bone – I could feel NOTHING. My clothes along with bike were covered with dirt and filth from the new section of road being built in Springville but open to the road race. It’s really too bad that the weather was so nasty because this was a great race. The roads were clear from traffic and the course was challenging. I started off being cold and frozen waiting for the start and didn’t warm up until the second lap. I felt good and finished the race successfully. I would have liked to have finished a bit higher in placing but for my first race (quite nervous and anxious) along with the weather (nasty, cold, rainy) I’m quite happy. Many riders dropped out and didn’t even finish the race.
This was also Braeger’s first race and I was quite impressed with him finishing the entire thing. Especially being so new to riding and racing along with rarely riding with large groups.
Even though the weather was so nasty and so cold I did however enjoy myself. I have great goals for the winter and I’ll be ready to come out strong for the 2011 season with a great team. Watch out for good things to come with team CFC. Here are some pics from the day and the stats are to the left hand side.
Frank Grillo did an excellent job organizing and planning this event and I hope that he is able to make it happen next year.

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